Garden delight

Last week I went on a cleaning rampage...in preparation for my weekend yard sale, I was busy pulling out everything that was old/tired/no longer used...and that extended to the outside as well as the inside...

The cobalt blue metal industrial cart that I had been using as a garden gathering spot had rusted through...and the top shelf was no longer strong enough to hold any thing of substantive weight...so out it went...but what to put in its place...

As you well know, I wasn't going to purchase anything...instead I looked around the yard, the basement, the studio...

and success!
The foundation of the display is a heavy industrial steel frame on huge metal casters...picked up for free...its going to be a future coffee table/ottoman...
on top are some whitewashed boards...with my 75cent schoolroom chair, keeping my watering can close at hand...a metal grid container laid on its side corrals a couple of pots down below and my bucket of garden tools on top...
I found these charming plastic birds at an estate sale years ago...they might have been in the free pile since they have their share of nicks and breaks...but I love their expressions...

As I was gathering up materials, I realized that I had quite the collection of rake heads...an "art installation" seemed appropriate...

The June weather here in the Northwest has been phenomenal...June is usually so cold and wet...this year there's been plenty of sun...the flowers are going crazy...

and now I have a new spot in the garden...that gives me such delight...

edited with three layers of kk texture 1402

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always a delight to see what others have to share...


  1. Charming indeed!!! Love how thrifty this area is...just my style!


  2. This is absolutely charming, and a fabulous garden retreat! I love it!

    1. thanks Barb - I do love how this really brighten up my little corner...

  3. What a fantastic creative work of beauty you made in your corner. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love the rake wall installation...it really is art! Great garden stuff, and it is displayed so wonderfully!

  5. I love the grids on the wall. Art indeed! And useful, fun to look at...just great!

  6. You have made your garden space even more inviting with your clever creations.

  7. thanks Christie - and even better...I can see it from my garden window...

  8. Seriously cute!! Only you could make old rake heads look so good!!

  9. Success for sure! I bet you have great garage sales, Amy!
    The last one I went to was pretty sad..... sigh..

  10. A very happy spot indeed, I'm especially taken with that old school chair!

  11. I want those grids on the wall! I have my collection of rake heads and other similar things hanging on my diamond window grids but that's all too busy, so now I have my eye out for simple grids. You have a great eye, Amy, and this is a really lovely corner you've made.

  12. Love your garden vignette. You have a great eye for this Amy. You make all your treasures look so pleasing to the eye, you're very inspiring. :)


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