Metal mania

If you've been following my blog, you know that I have a fondness for metal...and not just any metal...rusted, corroded, dilapidated...is really the best.  Falling in line right behind rusted metal...beaten up wire...its all steel...just in a more malleable form!

In January I was being so good about getting organized...I went through a mountain of magazines to pull out pics/recipes/ideas and toss the rest in the recycling bin...this picture caught my eye...

and got me thinking...I could make a wire cloche...I got to work...

In my basement, I had a large piece of steel fencing...I don't even remember where this came from since I know that its sold in BIG rolls and I don't have the rest of the 100' roll...but this piece would be perfect for this project...

First I had to cut it down to a managable size...this is heavy gauge steel...my lineman's pliers would be too tedious for this job...time to get out the Dremel drill...

I cut out a section that would work for the wire cloche...

and then began the task of eliminating the wire pieces I didn't need...
my Dremel with the cut-off disc attachment was a lifesaver...

I have all of these smaller wire pieces I removed...of course I'm saving them...they could be useful some day!

Next it was time to shape the wire...you'll notice that I left the wire extending on one end, while on the other end, I cut the wire flush...I bent hooks in the extended wire end, that would connect and wrap around the flush end and hold the cloche together.
Next I had to deal with the top portion...after eliminating the horizontal wire from the top tier, I was able to bend the wire to meet at an apex...giving a slight angle to each end ensured that the pieces fit nicely together...and see all those sharp nubs...where I cut off the cross wires...I used my Dremel, this time with the grinding tool attachment, to smooth the wire surface...

Using a rubber band to bind the ends together worked well...and acted as a rubber gasket to firmly hold the finishing knob in place...

Finding some sort of knob to finish off the top was a challenge...the bound wires were too large in diameter to fit inside of the opening of an old doorknob, my first choice of a suitable top...

Scrounging around my studio, I found these metal knobs that were mostly likely a machine part...the diameter was perfect to slip over the top and the rubber band held the knob firmly in place...

But there was a gaping hole on the top...initially I thought of finding a large button to cover the hole...

I happened to pick up a metal bottle cap from my junk pile...not only did it fit the hole perfectly...but it snapped into place as snug as could be...

And with a little spray paint, it was ideal!

Luckily, there was a sunny day this week...which makes it so much easier to take pictures...
its about this time of year that I get very itchy for spring...which I have nothing to complain about since we've had minimal snow this year...but plenty of gray...
eggs and feathers...the promise of spring and life re-awakening...
Also high on my metal love list...along with tarnished silverplate...metal knitting needles...all the jewel tones...they make great plant stakes...and sign holders...I guess someday I could even learn to knit...
Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors SNS...what else can I find to inspire me...


  1. I love how you could "see" doing this...and then you were able to make it come to life. That's true creativity!! And I love how you've brought spring into focus!

  2. All I can say is "Wow" you are amazing. You see in metal and wires what I see in old book pages and dryer sheets. Great post. Your photos are wonderful as you took us to the end results. I found you at Saturday Nite Special. And I'm your newest follower.

  3. Thank you for a great tutorial!
    The possibilities are numerous.
    My brain wants steel fencing.

  4. Yep...incredible!! Time to get out my metal shears and soldering iron...and build some cages myself!!! I don't know if I've done so, but I need to send you a pic of the last cage I built.....

  5. One of your BEST creations. Love the needles. I will teach you to knit anytime

  6. One of your BEST creations. Love the needles. I will teach you to knit anytime

  7. Awesome!! I've been making glass cloches and started a Cloche board on Pinterest...Needless to say I'm pinning this!! :)
    Thanks for the insperation!

  8. Amy, what a success! And I love that you save those scraps of wire "for later'. I do the same. Great cloche, congratulations!

  9. Great cloche and great tutorial. I know what you mean about the sunny days for picture taking. Sooo much easier with a little cooperation from the sunshine.

  10. Love this! I collect knitting needles, too...and use them for everything but knitting! Maybe someday...:)

  11. Hi Amy, Wow,you are amazing. I knit, crochet, (even macrameyed, sp?,(many many moons ago)) all things with string, yarn etc. Never once thought of using my needles for tag holders, or finding a bottle cap that fit perfect!!! Are you going to make more for your venture to Spokane? Thanks for sharing your process, guess I should put a dremel tool on my list of wants.

    1. yes Emilou...put a dremel on your wish list...its an amazing tool...especially helpful with smaller type projects...I love mine!
      p.s. what is the past tense of macrame...interesting question!

  12. Amy, I say clapping with glee, you fill my head with ideas and lightness to my dreams! Rust, metal, string............

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous idea! Thanks for your great tutorial, Amy!

    Enjoy the day!

  14. AWESOME! You never cease to amaze me!

  15. Love yours! You did a great job.

  16. this is great! came over from your FB post on it.


  17. okay...didn't realize that your first basket post was older...and "see" that you definately CAN make a cloche out of wire...I just didn't quite have the vision....I.Love.This.
    Thank you!! I will pull out the wire again at some point, and will definately reference your blog if I can get something worthy of posting to mine...right now I am just so excited that all that wire I bought can be made into something beautiful...-aimee


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