at the flea market

This morning we explored a nearby weekend flea market/swap meet/junk extravaganza...the Southern Man and I...we didn't feel like doing much of anything else...and left the yard work and the household chores for another day...here's a few glimpses from our stroll among the aisles...

channeling Georgia?

I did manage to find a few things...this old surveyor's tape...I use the tape in my art collages...I've never seen the numbers this large...and such a great font...I love the leather case it's in...and wondering what I can do with it once I unwind/use up all of the tape...ideas?

and the large rusted metal spoon...already have an idea in mind for it...all told, $1.25

what did you find this weekend?  anything to spark your creativity?


  1. Thanks for taking me a long. I am overdue for a good flea and this was the perfect fix!

  2. These are great images...and I envy you your finds! I'm with Seth...I am overdue myself!!

  3. These photos are so great, Amy...pure eye candy to me!

  4. I found a few wonderful books at our library sales annex. But nothing that I could photograph as well as your finds. Really, your photos...wow! I know you will enjoy your treasures.

  5. Such beautiful findings at the flea market! :)
    Wish we had a flea market near us too...

  6. Amy, that is one beautiful tape! I imagine you humming to yourself while working with those glorious numbers. You saw my finds.....the sewing machine and the blue willow pot. Lucky us!

  7. Be still my heart, coffee pots, my fav!!!


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