Cultivating the spark

You see a picture...a spark goes off...inspiration has hit...you journey to the basement for supplies...

This is pretty much the process I followed when I spied this photo on anything goes here...which, by the way, always has the most interesting items displayed in the most unique ways...be sure to check it out...

I never thought of using these vintage metal curtain rings to display photos/cards/ephemera... what if I could figure out a photo display stand using these rings...I knew I had plenty of these rings leftover from my mom's stash of stuff (as if I didn't have enough of my own...I now have plenty of stuff from my mom too...) 
I rummaged through a few piles in the basement...

Here's what I came up with...starting with a base, I drilled a hole in a cedar fence post cap with a paddle bit...

I found an old broom handle that was the perfect diameter for the rings to fit around...I had to cut down the handle to size...its been raining and cold here forever (unlike the rest of the country that had a blast of summer!) so I had to work inside, on my kitchen island...

good thing my reclaimed wood island already has that vintage patina...because now it has a smattering of blue paint on the edges...

Once I had the hole in the base, I painted it a lovely vintage gray...I adhered a large rusted washer over the hole...this would give added weight to the base (and conceal the rough edges of the drilled hole...)
After the paint and adhesive were dry, I inserted the broom handle into the hole...I pounded a large head nail through the underside of the base into the bottom of the broom handle to give it extra support.

To attach the curtain rings to the broom handle, I planned to nail each ring in place...I drilled a tiny hole into each ring...making a pilot hole with a sharp screw/nail keeps the bit in place while drilling...

and then I secured each ring with a small 5/8 x 18 nail...

I built my display from the bottom up...
until it was complete...
I offset the ring clips so I could display cards close together without blocking the view of the nearby cards...                            
This display will work great at home...as well as at art shows this summer  (those are my vintage art cards I have clipped on the display...for sale over at my etsy shop...) 
Maybe I'd better find another broom stick and make a couple more...

Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special...plenty there to cultivate your creative spark...


  1. Amy...what a fun project...and so creative. I've got some wierd things with clips taken from a sliding curtain rail...gonna take a pic and see if you can help me figure out something fun for them.

  2. How cute is that!? What a wonderful and clever idea.

  3. I'm sitting here on a gloomy Saturday morning...and once again I am impressed with your creativity and ingenuity! Someday I'll grow up to be just like you!! (o: Have a great weekend!!

  4. What a clever DIY, thank you for sharing it.

  5. This is such a fun project...love how it looks and the display it creates! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! And I'll bet the smidge of paint left on the island just gives it an even prettier patina!

  6. Well this is just fabulous! I'm amazed at how everything fit together. Awesome. I am so pinning this!! xoxo

  7. Well this is just fabulous! I'm amazed at how everything fit together. Awesome. I am so pinning this!! xoxo

  8. Well this is just fabulous! I'm amazed at how everything fit together. Awesome. I am so pinning this!! xoxo

  9. What a creative project! You amaze me with your talent!

  10. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and your chalkboard clipboards. I love your eye and your collages. So...how could I resist....I signed on to follow.

  11. Just found your blog and I love this idea. What a great way to use things that would normally be thrown away. A very unique display piece. Thanks for sharing - Love your blog. And being in Portland, I can relate to your statement about the wet and cold. We are definitely due for some sunshine!

  12. Clever idea and a really good way to display your cards!

  13. This is my first time visiting your blog (found via "anything goes here") so happy I found it... you have lots of great ideas and the whole blog is great to read... I just love this idea and I about to move to a new house and finally will have better studio space... I was wondering if I can use your idea here, its so neat and would be such a fun way to display my cards I design.

    Lovely blog!!!!

    Mari from colourblob

  14. Oh wow! this is so great. Love this idea.
    It would work to hold pictures wonderful. But what about recipes in the kitchen, or information at a reception.. with arrows pointing the way...

    all sorts of ideas!
    I'm pinning it. ~via, FJI, Pat


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